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Karunawa is open from 10.30am to 1.30pm, from Monday to Saturday.

Ukraine Appeal


Spread some Sunshine alongside Project4All are supporting various appeals for the innocent people of Ukraine.😥
We will be donating warm clothing for kids & adults, shoes, boots, blankets, baby items, toys, teddies etc from our Karunawa Charity shop in Javea.

If like so many of us you feel desperate to help, but don't know how, you can sponsor 'GOODS TO GO' which will also help support to feed our Spread some Sunshine families in Sri Lanka.

We have already donated 25 boxes of items, refugees are due here at end of this week, we will then want more clothes, shoes, blankets, household & baby items etc. 

Dispatches are leaving all this week, we are being informed daily of items they need as things change.

For example, your donation of:
2 euros will buy pens, paper, pencils
5 euros will buy a small bag of toys, games, teddies,
10 euros blankets bed linen,pillows
10 euros disposable nappies,
15 euros a bag of clothes, shoes,
20 euros will buy a travel cot or car seat

€5 Feeds 1 Child

For a Month

If you are able to spare just a few Euros, your donation will feed one of our vulnerable children in Sri Lanka for an entire month.

Donate Here

More than ever we need your help to provide basic care for our vulnerable children and their families.



        Per Month              

Single Child

  • Healthy Food & Drink
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Support


Per Month

Whole Family

  • Healthy Food & Drink
  • Medicine
  • Support
  • Security

Can you Sponsor a Child or Family?

If you are able to commit to a monthly donation we promise to put it to good use and change the life of one of our vulnerable Sri Lankan children.

A Meal a Day

Clothing and Bedding

Education and Classes

A Brighter Future


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Please head down to our sponsors VillaMia on the Arenal.
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