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Spring Newsletter 2020

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Spring Newsletter 2020

Spread Some Sunshine Spring Newsletter 2020

Well this was the period most severely affected by the Covid Pandemic. All our fundraising efforts were halted, every planned event cancelled. Markets and Rastros were prohibited and the Charity shops were not allowed to open.

It was lockdown for half the World, including Sri Lanka, which saw the closure of its main airport in Colombo.

With no tourists visiting the island, there was zero income. No purchasing of crafts, use of hotels, hire cars, tuk tuks etc.

No Government support was provided and schools were closed. Village people share what little food they have.

In Sampaths words “the poor are feeding the poorer”

SSS are no longer allowed to teach the girls at the home or indeed to enter, all food donations have to be left at the gate.

We make a Gofundme Appeal to buy food and order material for Dilhani to make masks for the locals to wear.

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