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Autumn Newsletter 2020

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Autumn Newsletter 2020

Spread Some Sunshine Autumn Newsletter 2020

The Corona Virus worsens in Sri Lanka and the airport remains closed, still no tourists allowed and no income from any crafts sales for the villagers.

We use a small amount of money to continue the garden work at Happy House, although we still cannot use for rental income for the project until flights are restored from Europe and the rest of the World. The work in the garden provides labour for several of the villagers, small salary paid from funds raised.

Events to raise money are carried out within the restriction measures and although limited, no live music, dancing etc they are reasonably successful, although numbers attending are fewer.

Events and Donations from :

*On Line Auction

*Fit Step display and ladies clothes sale

*Quiz night at SALT

*Tombola at Bull and Bear

*Bi Polar talks

*Change collection pots

*Rastro Market in Denia ( other markets remain closed)

*Pop up stall at Kawana Restaurant of kids clothes

*Pop up stall at Nostros of adult clothes

During this period Sampath and myself agree to purchase a small piece of land in order to build an eco craft hut, where the handloom machine can be sited, as he was receiving complaints from neighbours with regards to noise. Production and sale of crafts can take place from here, visitors can purchase local items. Happy Hut .... looking ahead to the future. However as the crisis hits our idea is put on hold and we launch our Emergency Food Package Appeal to help families without any income.

Meanwhile we rasied funds with some of our other events;

Our Mr & Mrs EventOur Haloween Party       

And Clothes Stalls

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